There was a man in my life who I came to love very dearly. In a letter I gave to him expressing what he meant to me I wrote, "You are the moon in my sky." This sentiment became engraved in my heart more than anything I had ever written. After that letter there was not a moment spent gazing at the moon where he was not on my mind.

Our choices took us apart and when he was gone I felt sorrowful as if the beauty, purpose, and love I had experienced with him was now missing. It was in the grieving and healing stage of the journey taken after him when I began to realize this title is one I never should have placed on him or anyone else. Since the time of the ancients the moon has been regarded as a feminine energy. Some words used to describe this feminine aspect are nurturing, loving, perceptive, caring, soft, intuitive, wise, and sensitive.


I called him this because I felt he was these things to me when in truth our connection merely allowed me to see these aspects of myself reflected back through him. For years these feminine aspects had been repressed because they made me feel weak, exposed, and endangered. With him they rose to the surface and I naively put the pressure and expectation on him to play a role in my life he was not meant to fulfill. While he did play an important role, he was never truly the moon in my sky - he was the force used to break me open so I could find the beauty of these aspects within myself.

While I still love this man very deeply, the learned love for myself has revealed I am the moon in my own sky. The true essence of my nature is being a healer, a lover, a seer, and a nurturer. This is the journey of my lifetime and from this point forward I am taking each step in the truth of who I am. I am taking each step In Broad Moonlight.

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