Once upon a time, a man walked into my life whom I came to deeply love. In a letter I gave to him expressing what he meant to me I wrote, "You are the moon in my sky." This sentiment became engraved in my heart more than anything I had ever written and for so long there was not a moment spent gazing at the moon where he did not cross my mind.

We danced in circles for what felt like an eternity, and each time we separated I felt sorrowful as if the love and connection experienced had vanished. It was in the grieving and healing stages of the journey taken without him when I began to realize the love and connection I was seeking in him could actually be found within myself...


Since the time of the ancients the moon has been regarded as a feminine energy. Some words used to describe this feminine aspect are nurturing, loving, perceptive, caring, soft, intuitive, healing, and ever-shifting. These aspects are the essence of my true nature.

I called him the moon in my sky because I felt he brought these things to me when in truth he was simply the object used to break me open so I could find the beauty of these aspects within myself. He was the force used to shatter me into a million pieces so I could rebuild and discover myself during the process. It was during this transformation I slowly began embracing these aspects, no longer allowing them to be be repressed or make me feel weak, exposed, and endangered.

So, while this man played an important role for a time, he was never truly the moon in my sky and he was never meant to be my happily ever after. Now with his part in my life being over, I can look back and see that through loving him I learned to love myself...and I am and have always been the moon in my own sky.

This is the journey of my lifetime and from this point forward I am taking each step in the truth of who I am. I am taking each step In Broad Moonlight.

©2018 by In Broad Moonlight LLC