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Life Doula Services & Pricing

For availability, booking, or other session options please email inbroadmoonlight@gmail.com or call (817) 751-2148

Live sessions are available in the DFW Texas Metroplex

Virtual (Skype or Facetime) sessions - $35/hour

Live one-on-one sessions - $45/hour

As your life doula, we will begin with a simple question, "What do you want?" While it sounds simple, it can be difficult to answer because the mind tells us all the reasons why what we want just is not possible. This is the first obstacle we will work to overcome while working together. You will learn to quiet the mind and listen to your soul.

Once you have envisioned the life you want to build and the person you want to be, we will begin shedding the things you are not so you can build that life. See, here is some free advice, life really is not that complicated. Our mind & ego make it complicated. It is as simple as answering the question of what you want followed by taking steps towards making it a reality. 

However, as simple as it is, this process is not always easy. This is where a life doula comes in to help you create the plan, work the plan, and not give up on the plan.


You have been a prisoner of the misconception of yourself and your abilities for far too long, now is the time to set yourself free!

*Disclaimer: Life Doula services are not an alternative for psychological therapy as doulas are not licensed medical professionals. Doula sessions are not therapy sessions and are not intended to diagnose or treat any psychological illness. These sessions are intended for those who have done the healing of the past and are ready to focus on building the future.