Aah, the question we are not only asked by others, but most importantly asked by ourselves throughout life. It sometimes feels like a never-ending quest to discover the answer to such a seemingly simple question. Well, to start, my name is Amanda Howe.


All I can share with you in response to this question is what I have discovered of myself so far: I am a purposeful creation of God, an avid admirer of the night sky, a believer of things beyond human comprehension, a dreamer, a musician, a dog mom (fur babies are Brownie & Cosmo), a poet, a lover, and at times a wanderer.

Having gone through my own battles with the various forms of darkness which can torment us in this human existence, I am now passionate about helping others navigate their own journey to healing and discovering/embracing the truth of who they are. It is my firm belief every person was created by the one Divine Source of Love and regardless of what has happened in one's life they have a purpose.


In 2018, I began the In Broad Moonlight website as a blog to share what I am discovering on this beautiful and sometimes challenging journey we call life. In 2019 I formed it into an LLC in the state of Texas. This company is a portal for me to fulfill my purpose of embracing the unique light within me and releasing it into the world.

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